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SPE International Oilfield Scale Conference and Exhibition

Date: 20-Jun-18 to 21-Jun-18
Location: Aberdeen / United Kingdom
The SPE International Oilfield Scale Conference and Exhibition has long been recognised as the industry’s foremost specialist scale forum. It provides an ideal platform for industry and academic experts to share experiences in managing the challenges manifesting in your region. This leading two-day event creates opportunities for discussing and sharing new experiences in all aspects of handling oilfield scale and is designed for industry professionals involved or interested in formation, removal, inhibition, and management of oilfield scale.

4th Annual Investing in Africa Conference - June 2018, London

Date: 20-Jun-18 to 22-Jun-18
Location: United Kingdom
Panels will focus on the latest developments in the mining, oil and gas, power, and banking sectors and provide insights on what investors, governments and lawyers may expect from these sectors in the next five years. Topics will include: • Lusophone Africa: growing beyond oil & gas and mining • Investing in francophone Africa: growing beyond language barriers • Renewable energy in Africa: pushing the low carbon agenda forward • Africa-originated metals and minerals - issues and guidelines • Oil and gas: investment, regulation, and tackling the uncertainties ahead • Opportunities and challenges for investors, and how advisors can assist

Energy Mines and Money

Date: 20-Jun-18 to 21-Jun-18
Location: Brisbane / Australia
Energy Mines and Money Australia will showcase strategic mineral, coal, oil and gas opportunities, and match projects with global investment throughout a two day conference and exhibition taking place in Brisbane from 20-21 June 2018. Featuring over 80 mining leaders, energy executives and investment experts including Xcoal, AGL, Central Petroleum, Apollo, Denham Capital and SUEK to name a few; the conference programme will explore the economic outlook for energy and resources in Australia with a focus on oil, gas, gold, coal, and base metals. As well as examine the future of energy and the implications upon demand, supply, investment and opportunities for growth with a spotlight on uranium and battery metals such as lithium, cobalt and graphite. With mining, oil and gas companies on ...

Matex Ethiopia Expo'2018

Date: 21-Jun-18 to 25-Jun-18
Location: Ethiopia
MATEX Ethiopia 2018 is an International Exhibition on Manufacturing & Technology International Trade Fair. MATEX Ethiopia 2018 is going to be held on 21-25 June 2018 at Addis Ababa Exhibition Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The frequency of the trade show is annua

Economy, Sustainable Development and Energy International Conference (ESDEIC)

Date: 25-Jun-18 to 27-Jun-18
The Economy, Sustainable Development and Energy International Conference (ESDEIC) provides a permanent and multidisciplinary knowledge international network on the topics of economy, sustainable development, and energy. This conference offers a platform to share and discuss proposals and research, and to draw insights and encourage collaboration from many topics, disciplines, and backgrounds, promoting research and education to build a fair global community and more sustainable societies. ESDEIC is an international forum where researchers, environmentalists, scientists, scholars and students, share their ideas, experiences, advancements, and research results about all aspects related to economy, sustainable development and energy. We also want to discuss the practical challenges ...

Electric Utility Cost Estimating 2018 Conference New Orleans, Louisiana

Date: 25-Jun-18 to 27-Jun-18
Location: United States
Efficient, Accurate Cost The estimating process for electric utility projects is being disrupted by technology, data and changes to organizational structure. More than ever Utilities, Engineers and Contractors need to come together to benchmark strategies, share best practices and forge stronger relationships. Electric Utility Cost Estimating 2018 will explore how project teams are improving their conceptual estimating, forecasting, bidding, and use of data and new software. You’ll learn about every step from setting up an estimating team, improving scope and leveraging historical data, through to submitting quality bids and reducing risk. If your work involves estimating of any electric utility project from generation and transmission through to substations and distribution,...

Energy Risk Europe 2018 | London

Date: 26-Jun-18 to 26-Jun-18
Location: United Kingdom
Energy Risk will host the 21st annual Energy Risk Europe conference in London on Tuesday 26 June 2018. This flagship summit is the must attend event for senior energy risk managers, traders and compliance officers from across Europe who wish to learn about the latest techniques for measuring, modelling, and managing risk and hear how the industry is finding solutions to the regulatory challenges impacting businesses trading in the energy markets. A packed programme will feature CRO's, compliance heads and traders from leading European utilities and energy trading firms as well top regulatory officials overseeing these markets. Through in-depth panel discussions, keynote addresses, case studies and roundtables we will address the key industry challenges and provide fresh market insights.

Future of Utilities: Smart Metering Update 2018

Date: 27-Jun-18 to 27-Jun-18
Location: United Kingdom
Why Attend? • Stay on top of the SMIP’s progress with exclusive insights from SSE, Co-Operative Energy, and OVO Energy • Benefit from the opportunity to immerse yourself in a roundtable discussion about how to foster consumer engagement in the rollout • Hear how smart metering data is transforming the industry with case studies on Octopus Agile and Peer2Peer energy trading • Take advantage of almost three hours of networking opportunities throughout the day • Don’t miss out on crucial updates from the DCC and Smart EnergyGB “Insightful, confidence building, but realistic about the challenges.” - Director of Metering, SSE

IPA/BC-Monitor: Misura online di componenti del particolato atmosferico

Date: 27-Jun-18 to 27-Jun-18
Location: Bologna / Italy
Workshop finale del progetto IPA/BC-Monitor IPA/BCmonitor è il sistema innovativo, compatto e stand-alone per il monitoraggio del particolato da combustione emesso da sorgenti di traffico e da riscaldamento domestico in ambiente urbano, con il suo carico di microinquinanti prioritari (IPA) e di agenti climalteranti (BC). Grazie all’impiego di dispositivi microelettronici e micromeccanici (MEMS) e di altre soluzioni ad elevata automazione, IPA/BCmonitor risolve i classici problemi di ingombro e di costi delle misure chimiche online del particolato atmosferico, fornendo un sistema completo per la misura ottica del black carbon e inclusivo di un sistema gascromatografico completo e miniaturizzato per la misura degli IPA nel particolato. Saluti di apertura Trend nello sviluppo di ...